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The album consists of eight tracks. Each song has its own identity, thanks to Amit Trivedi's beautiful composition and simple yet expressive lyrics by Anvita Dutt.

"London thumakda" starts the album on a very energetic note. Sung by Labh Janjua, Sonu and Neha Kakkad, it will surely make listeners groove a bit. The quirky lyrics, mixed with the right beat, will make it a must play at the next wedding season.

"Badra bahaar", sung by Amit Trivedi, is next in line. The manner of its rendition reminds one of "Nayan tarse" from "Dev D", while the use of guitar and occasional 'veena' makes it captivating.

It is followed by "O gujariya". A very urban duet, sung by Shefali Alvares and Nikhil D'souza, it is a very upbeat party track. An apt song for youth.

Fourth song is Arijit Singh's "Taake jhanke". Singh, known for creating romantic songs, takes a different route with the chirpy number, which is funnier, happier and expressive.

"Jugni (Queen)" follows. Another song by singer Trivedi, it has meaningful lyrics and the ability to grow on the listeners.

Nandini Srikar has crooned "Harjaiyaan". Her voice infused with the right blend of musical instruments takes the listeners to a different level. Though the singer's voice has an urban touch, the music is earthy and the contrast plays the trick.

Next is "Kinare" by Mohan Kanan. A very expressive and poetic number, it has the sound of trumpet and sitar and has the ability to strike the right chord. If you are a dreamer, take a journey with the song.

Rupesh Kumar Ram's "Ranjha (Queen)", a short Punjabi piece with minimal music, wraps up the album.

Variety is the highlight of the album. It offers a song for every mood and taste. The album has an urban touch, but Trivedi has kept it earthy to match the theme of the movie.

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Highway Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Highway-Music-Review-21397-298187.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Highway-Music-Review-21397-298187.html#comments 2014-02-06 10:06:01 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Highway-Music-Review-21397-298187.html Alia Bhatt-Randeep Hooda-starrer "Highway", a romantic drama directed by Imtiaz Ali, boasts of nine tracks. The songs show Rahman's efforts at once again creating something enthralling.

It starts on a very soothing note with "Patakha Guddi". Sung by the Nooran sisters - Sultan and Jyoti - the Sufi number is soulful. The song will make you feel free-spirited.

Sung by music maestro Rahman, "Maahi ve" comes next. A love ballad, it has simple yet expressive lyrics mixed with Rahman's voice. This one will surely give you the chills.

"Kahaan hoon main", sung by Jonita Gandhi, is a situational track. The touching number might make the listener question about what one is doing and what one really wants to do.

The fourth one is "Wanna mash up?" by Kash, Krissy and Suvi Suresh. This one is very urban and will connect with youth. It is not one of those fast tracks but has the ability to grow on the listener.

Next up is Alia and Zeb Bangash's "Sooha saaha". A very melodious lullaby, it will remind you of your mother. Alia's efforts are commendable.

What follows is Rahman's version of "Patakha Guddi". The first track and this one are completely different. While the first one is earthy, this one has a Western feel. Though Rahman's voice creates magic, the effect is not the same.

"Implosive silence" is next. Crooned by Jonita Gandhi, the song hits the right chord.

Sunidhi's "Tu kuja" is placed eighth and will remind you of "O paalanhare" from "Lagaan". Though a devotional number, Chauhan's voice mixed with the music creates a very Western effect.

"Heera" wraps up the album. The song is comforting and melodious thanks to Shweta Pandit's voice and wonderful music.

All in all, the songs of "Highway" will take music lovers to a different level - it's very powerful and magical.

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Jai Ho Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Jai-Ho-Music-Review-21397-293025.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Jai-Ho-Music-Review-21397-293025.html#comments 2014-01-15 15:28:24 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Jai-Ho-Music-Review-21397-293025.html Salman Khan-starrer "Jai Ho" is an action-drama directed by Sohail Khan. It is said to be the biggest opener of 2014. Only time will tell if the viewers hail the movie or not.

The album has nine tracks, including two remixes, but the composers' efforts are nothing to write home about.

The album starts with "Baki sab first class hai", sung by Wajid. The song is good and relatable, but it's more like a speech given during a rally - the only difference is that it has music.

Next is "Tere naina maar hi daalenge". It reminds one of "Dagabaaz re" and "Tere mast mast do nain" songs. There is obviously nothing wrong in it, but why the obsession with "naina"? Nevertheless Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal and Shabab Sabri have done a great job and the composers too create an effect by using tabla.

"Photocopy," sung by Himesh Reshammiya, Keerthi Sagathia and Palak Muchhal, is the third song. Reshammiya's voice has once again created its magic in the song. It is a good dance number and will be a hit during the Navratri season.

"Tumko to aana hi tha" is a slow number. Crooned by Armaan Malik, Marianne D'Cruz's and Altamash Faridi, it has Indian as well as western flavour, but there's no "wow" factor in it. People need to understand that romantic songs are not only about some lovey-dovey lines and slow music. The song lacks emotions.

For a change, "Love you till the end (House Mix)" turns out to be nice and peppy. Armaan Malik went behind the mike to sing the song. The beats are groovy.

"Naacho re" follows it. Sung by Ujjayinee, it is a mess. The listener will surely have the 'What the hell' expression after listening to the song.

The "Jai jai jai jai ho" title track is an effort by singers Wajid, Armaan Malik, Brijesh Shandliya and Amal Mallik. Its chance of wooing music lovers in urban India is however bleak and it will certainly not be accepted in rural areas too, although the beats are good.

A remix version of "Photocopy" by DJ Angel is next on the list. It is good to the ears. An apt song for festive season!

"Baki sab first class hai", a remix by DJ Angel, wraps up the album. The concept of creating a remix version of anything and everything should be avoided. There is nothing good about it and it is a waste of time and effort.

Overall, the "Jai Ho" album has its ups and downs.

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Hasee Toh Phasee Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Hasee-Toh-Phasee-Music-Review-21397-292285.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Hasee-Toh-Phasee-Music-Review-21397-292285.html#comments 2014-01-10 12:00:48 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Hasee-Toh-Phasee-Music-Review-21397-292285.html A young film starring young actors Sidharth Malhotra and and Parineeti Chopra, director Vinil Matthew's "Hasee Toh Phasee" album boasts of six tracks and musical duo Vishal-Shekhar have ensured the songs capture the right essence to woo the young crowd.

"Punjabi wedding song" marks an energetic start to the album. Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Benny Dayal, the song's lyrics go like "I toh go crazy, ki jab wajde, Punjabi wedding song", and listeners will definitely "go crazy" over the beats. Replete with Punjabi flavour, it will be a must have during the upcoming wedding season.

The second number "Shake it like Shammi" starts with drum beats. A youthful and peppy song, it is sung by Benny Dayal. The song will surely make you want to "shake it" in whichever way you want to.

The third track "Drama queen" represents the the new-age girl in every sense. Sung by the versatile Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal, this one is fun, naughty and a complete entertainment package.

Next up is Shafqat Amanat Ali and Nupur Pant's "Manchala". It is a romantic song and is undoubtedly expressive, but there is nothing new to it. The song loses its effect after a while.

Another romantic offering is "Zehnaseeb", sung by Shekhar and Chinmayi Sripaada. It starts on a very slow note but quickly grows on the listener. It is expressive and imaginary - in short, how a romantic song should be.

The last track is "Ishq bulaava". Sung by Sanam Puri and Shipra Goyal, it is a very soothing and rhythmic number. A perfect song to wrap up the high-on-energy album.

All in all, the songs of "Hasse Toh Phasee" are youthful, peppy, entertaining and enthralling.

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Gunday Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Gunday-Music-Review-21397-292210.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Gunday-Music-Review-21397-292210.html#comments 2014-01-09 11:13:33 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Gunday-Music-Review-21397-292210.html The music album of director Ali Abbas Zafar's forthcoming film "Gunday" is evidence of Sohail Sen's versatility.

Set in the 1970s, the soundtrack of the movie, which features Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles, boasts of 10 tracks, including a rap, a classical and a Bangla version of "Tune maari entriyaan".

It starts with the peppy, entertaining "Jashn-e-ishqa". Sung by Javed Ali and Shadab Faridi, it is an all-male number. It's a celebration of love, friendship and power. Whichever mood you are in, this will pep you up so much that you will automatically start jiving to the beats.

The second one is "Tune maari entriyaan". Sung by Bappi Lahiri, KK, Neeti Mohan, and Vishal Dadlani, it will just blow you away with its beats and the right combination of voices.

Are you in love? If yes, "Jiya" is perfect for you. And in case you are not in a romantic relationship, then you would surely want to be in one after hearing the song in Arijit Singh's soothing and melodious voice. It strikes an instant chord with the listeners.

Next up is "Asalaam-e-ishqum". Sung by Bappi Lahiri and Neha Bhasin, it creates a retro and modern feel. The duo definitely takes the song to the next level. The next time you visit a discotheque, there is a huge possibility you will be welcomed by the song.

"Saaiyaan" is fifth on the list. Initially, it will remind you of "Do dhari talwar" from "Mere Brother ki Dulhan". A very soothing number sung by Shahid Mallya, it is all about heartbreak.

Next in line is "Mann kunto maula". Amir Khusro's poem has been given a modern twist by Altamash Faridi and Shadab Faridi. The song stands out because of the use of the guitar that gives it a very modern feel.

The title track "Gunday", which is placed seventh, is of 163 seconds and basically describes the two male characters in the movie. What makes the song perfect for the album is the rap by Kinga Rhymes.

"Rhythm of Jashn-e-ishqa" is not so appealing. There is nothing wrong with it, but such songs look effective when played during a dramatic scene in a movie.

"Mann kunto maula (classical)" is next. As the name suggests, it is a classical number and is more soothing than the original version. It will remind you of the spiritual number "Kun faaya kun" from "Rockstar".

"Tune maari entriyaan (Bangla version)" wraps up the album. Sung by Bappi Lahiri and Monali Thakur, the lyrics are not very difficult to understand. It is high on fun and entertaining.

Overall, "Gunday" has songs for every mood and music lovers couldn't have asked for more.

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Dedh Ishqiya Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Dedh-Ishqiya-Music-Review-21397-291171.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Dedh-Ishqiya-Music-Review-21397-291171.html#comments 2014-01-02 10:20:04 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Dedh-Ishqiya-Music-Review-21397-291171.html The music album of director Abhishek Chaubey's forthcoming film "Dedh Ishqiya", a sequel to the 2010 movie "Ishqiya", has once again proved composer Vishal Bhardwaj's excellence.

The movie, which features Naseeruddin Shah, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi and Huma Qureshi in the lead role, boasts of seven tracks, including a remix.

The album begins with "Horn Ok Please". A peppy number, it's sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh. The song is surely different from the other numbers of Honey Singh, but he adds his magic to the track with his rap in the middle. Sukhwinder's voice as usual gives it a Punjabi flavour. The song will remind you of "Ibn-e-batuta" that was sung by Sukhwinder and Mika Singh.

The second song, "Dil ka mizaaj ishqiya", is the title track and is a heart touching, romantic number. Captivating lyrics combined with the soothing voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the song slowly grows on you. It will not just leave you wanting to fall in love, but will make you feel like a 16-year-old in love.

The third track, "Zabaan jale hai", is a song that will remind you of ghazals sung in the late 1990s. Khan's vooice has been mixed well with the guitar to give it a retro effect. The lyrics, "Na bolun main toh kaleja fuke, jo bol dun toh zabaan jale hai", are about a lover who is unable to express his feelings.

"Hamari atariya" comes fourth in the album. The song will take you back to the "mujra" era. The folk lyrics are presented well by Rekha Bhardwaj and what adds to it is the effect created by the tabla. The guitar is also used in the song so that it can match up with today's generation.

Well it's the remix era, so the fifth track is the remixed version of "Dil ka mizaaj ishqiya" by DJ Angel. Unfortunately, the song loses its effect and does not sound good to the ear.

The next track is "Jagaave saari raina", a perfect example of a classical song. If just Rekha's melodious voice, combined with tabla and sitar was not enough, the song also has an alaap by Pandit Birju Maharaj.

The last song is "Kya hoga". It's a qawwali with the lyrics "Dil to diya hai, jaan bhi de de, aur nazrana kya hoga". It begins with an alaap and is sung by Shahid Mallya, Master Salim and Jazim Sharma.

All in all, "Dedh Ishqiya" is a complete package. The album slowly grows on listeners and is a must hear.

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Bullett Raja Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Bullett-Raja-Music-Review-21397-277455.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Bullett-Raja-Music-Review-21397-277455.html#comments 2013-11-04 09:11:16 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Bullett-Raja-Music-Review-21397-277455.html The music album of director Tigmanshu Dhulia's upcoming film "Bullett Raja" has seven tracks, including a remix version. While some tracks can go on to becoming hits, the others could just go unnoticed.

The first track, "Tamanche pe disco", gets you in the dance mode from the first notes. RDB has its own signature style and the rap is a pleasant change. Singer Nindy Kaur does the female singing. The dance number is fun and worth jiving to and has perfect length. It finishes just in time.

Second in line is a melodious romantic number "Saamne hai savera". Sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Wajid, the main attraction of the track are the singers. Wajid has a smaller part in the track but has sung well. The sarangi gives a bit of a Rajasthani folk touch midway and the trumpet towards the end adds grandeur.

Neeraj Shridhar has sung the third track, "Jai govinda, jai gopala", well. It gets the listener's attention form the first beat. Shridhar's voice has the required fun element. The constant tapping on the drums maintains the rhythm of the song. But it feels rather too long towards the end.

There is a remix version of the song as well by DJ Angel. Faster pace and a nice mix for a change give it a nightclub touch.

The next track is "Don't touch my body". The song's title suggests it's an item number and that's confirmed when one hears Mamta Sharma's voice. It has the expected double innuendo lyrics and is nothing different from other item numbers.

Sung by Wajid and Keerthi Sagathia, the "Bullett Raja" title track sounds very similar to that of Salman Khan-starrer "Dabangg". It has praise galore for the main characters. The Uttar Pradesh dialect can make the song very famous among the small towns and cities. It is just an average number.

The last song is "Satake thoko" and is sung by Wajid, Keerthi Sagathia and Danish Sabri. It starts at a fast pace but gradually slows down and then regains pace. It's too long to bear. The track talks about the wrong doings in society. A below average number, the listener might lose interest in it soon.

The songs of the album raise the listener's expectations. But as it goes down, the smiling face turns into a sad one and a grumpy one by the last song. It could have been better. Way much better. Listen it for the "Tamanche pe disco" and "Saamne hai savera".

One might or might not like it.

Listen Bullet Raja Songs here

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Ram Leela Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Ram-Leela-Music-Review-21397-271914.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Ram-Leela-Music-Review-21397-271914.html#comments 2013-10-09 12:17:23 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Ram-Leela-Music-Review-21397-271914.html Way2movies Presents Deepika Padukone,Ranveer Singh Starrer Ram Leela Music Review Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Packed with 10 culturally nourished songs, the "Ram-Leela" soundtrack has no remix or reprised version, but it's a feast for music lovers. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, known for making many a magum-opus, adds grandeur to the album with his compositions but at the same time gives enough space to his singers to shine. Barring a few, all the songs are worth listening to.

Aditi Paul and Shail Hada soulfully sing the first track "Ang laga de". You are enchanted once the beautiful and slow number unfolds. Seldom does one find such a soothing, slow-paced romantic song.

Next in line is "Dhoop". This is a singer's track and Shreya Ghoshal is the heroine of the song. Shorter than the earlier one, it might not be among the best songs of the album.

Dipped in Rajasthani flavour, "Mor bani thangat" boasts of colourful culture. Sung by Osman Mir and Aditi Paul, it is a happy, naughty and fun song. Do not confuse it with the fast paced dance number. One might find it difficult to understand the language, but the passion in the music hooks the listeners.

"Ishqyaun dhishqyaun" is all about fun and frolic. Slightly lengthy, its music has a little disc spinning.

The next track will blow you off. Singer Arijit Singh surprises with "Lal ishq". It starts with temple bells and has a spiritual feel to it. It can strike an instant chord with the emotional audiences. The singer takes the song and the music to another level.

"Lahu muh lag gaya" is high on music, but not attention grabbing. The end of the song is interesting as it gets high on emotional content.

The dance number "Nagada sang dhol" is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Osman Mir. As the name suggests, it is high on dhol beats and is a dance number.

You might be personally looking forward to the song "Ram chahe Leela" as actress Priyanka Chopra makes a special appearance. Singer Bhoomi Trivedi's rustic voice definitely suits the genre. It is an unusual item song, but the regional flavour adds to its magic.

Shail Hada has gone behind the mike again for the track "Poora chand", another soft romantic number in the album.

The last track "Tattad tattad" is the one that features in the trailer of the movie. A fun filled song with good beats, it talks about god Ram and his characteristics. It is entertaining.

The strong point of the "Ram-Leela" album is the soft romantic songs. Bhansali has put his best 'musical' foot forward. It deserves to be heard and enjoyed.

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Krrish 3 Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Krrish-3-Music-Review-21397-267553.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Krrish-3-Music-Review-21397-267553.html#comments 2013-09-21 10:31:09 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Krrish-3-Music-Review-21397-267553.html One of the first things you notice about the "Krrish 3" soundtrack is that it is lengthy. Composed by Rajesh Roshan, it has seven tracks, including two remixes. While a couple of songs are just average, some are interesting.

The first is the title track "Krrish krrish". Wow! Singer Anirudh Bhola has a presence in the song, but it is Mamta Sharma who gets the attention. The piano plays the signature tune and it sounds beautiful. There is a sense of heroism and mystery in the song. The music takes all the attention.

A new version of "Raghupati Raghav" comes next. The music starts in a vintage, classic style but suddenly changes to contemporary beats and feels forceful. Singers Neeraj Sridhar and Monali Thakur do well on their part.

The remix version of the track is done by disc jockey (DJ) Shiva. It's just like any other remix.

Next is "Dil tu hi bataa", sung by Alisha Chinai. There is a sense of serenity in the song. But not everyone might or might not like the romantic track. Zubeen Garg joins Chinai for a duet. A dreamy feeling takes over while you listen to the song.

The remix version is again presented by DJ Shiva. Just another remix with faster beats.

The next track will surprise one and all. Singers Mohit Chauhan and Alisha Chinai go behind the mike for "You are my love", a hilarious entertaining number. It starts with the kind of music that is played in villages. Not to confuse it with folk. Lyrics are interesting. Sample this - 'You are my love, my cuddling, pudding pie'. It would be interesting to watch the video of the song.

The last is "God allah aur bhagwan". Sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. This also talks about the heroic character of Krrish. The chorus brings grandeur to the song.

The music of "Krrish 3" is not superb, but it entertains.

Listen Krrish 3 Songs Here

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Zanjeer Music Review http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Zanjeer-Music-Review-21397-258466.html http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Zanjeer-Music-Review-21397-258466.html#comments 2013-08-20 12:20:14 aditya http://hindi.way2movies.com//reviewssingle_hindi/Zanjeer-Music-Review-21397-258466.html Director Apoorva Lakhia's movie "Zanjeer", a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name, has seven tracks. While retaining the original flavour of the plot, composer Chirantan Bhatt has given it a contemporary twist.

The album begins with stylish Mika Singh number "Mumabi ke hero". This can become the anthem of Mumbai Police as it portrays them in a most heroic way. Amitabh Bachchan's dialogues from the original add nostalgia. Singer Talia Bentson kicks in with a rap and a British accent but does not really impress. It can be summed up as a cool track.

When will singer Mamta Sharma stop singing item numbers? This is the first thought that comes to mind when the song "Pinky" starts, but nonetheless, it is a full entertainer like all her other numbers. The song with a Marathi flavour scores well in the genre.

Wajhi sings "Lamha tera mera". He is joined by Palak Muchchal, whose voice is beautiful. It gradually slows down but the moment you start enjoying it, the beats become faster. It's an excellent track gone awry.

The qawali has its own charm and "Kochey pathan" reveals that perfectly. Singer Sukhwinder Singh's voice is apt for the song. It reminds you of an authentic qawali session. The singers' voice easily reflect the passion of friends. It might not be on a par with "Yaari hai imaan" from the original, but it entertains.

The next track, "Kaatilana", is interesting. Shweta Pandits's voice is sensuous and beautiful. Surprisingly, this is a melodious and energetic number.

"Shakila banoo" is a character-driven track. Shreya Goshal croons the song, but there is nothing to write home about.

The soundtrack of "Zanjeer" is okay, but it could have been grand. "Kochey pathan" stands out.

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