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An expected visitor at Madhur’s house

Time:4:42 pm Date: July 04, 2011

Well, certainly Heroine’s shelving off had an impact on director Madhur Bhandarkar as reports have it that he went into depression. On hearing this Madhur’s friend, who also rumored to be his ex, Tabu visited the director at his Kakkad Enclave residence in Mumbai Friday evening.

Sources figure it out that Tabu, who worked with Madhur in Chandni Bar has spent ample time with the ‘Fashion’ maker by suggesting him to move on afresh and cheer up. This comes after Madhur has hardly made an appearance or he is regular on twitter post Heroine’s calling off by UTV.

“Madhur was pinning high hopes on Heroine especially after Kareena opted out of the project but the news of Ash’s pregnancy hit him as a jolt owing to a weeks shoot by spending considerable amount of money on the film”, said a source. “And Tabu’s much needed visit did console him a lot”, added the source.

Tabu came in by at 8.45 in the evening and left at 10. 30 pm. So a friend who comes to one’s rescue during hard times is indeed a true friend and Tabu is certainly one.

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