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Why Rakhi is angry on Censor Board?

Time:12:58 am Date: Jan 22, 2010

The sexy item bomb Rakhi sawant is sufferying once again.But this time it’s because of censor board. She is totally irritated by the censor board and shouted on them.

All this happened because the censor board asked the unit of ‘Jhagde’, to remove or atleast beep the the word “Kaminey” from the opening lines of the song “Kaminey tera bhoot chad gaya re” from the video ‘Bhoot’.

Annoyed by it, the sexy heroine shouted that ‘’Censor Board needs a brain Surgery” and sings that “Censor Board tera bhoot chad gaya re.”

And she also questioned that why the board is making this much issue for a small word in the song? If people could make a movie on such a word, why she can’t just make a song on it?

The lyricist ishQ who was also gone mad on the censor board justifies that “The word ‘Kaminey’ has been passed so many times in umpteen films earlier. What’s the point of banning it now”?

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